Stop sin at the door

16 April 2014

When Jesus was tempted  by satan in the desert, Jesus never continued in a long and drawn out battle or debate against satan’s temptations and lies. Jesus just rebuked temptation and lies with the truth and left it at that.

We see later in scripture that satan did return to tempt Jesus when Peter told Jesus that he shouldn’t continue on his mission to Jerusalem. Jesus sternly told Peter – referring to him as satan – to simply get behind him.

i believe that is also the attitude we should behave when we are tempted. Not to carry out long drawn out negotiations or reasoning with sin and temptation, but to rebuke it with truth and leave the scene. The longer we spend thinking about it, pondering it, debating it in our minds, even questioning whether it really is a sin, the stronger a foothold satan has, and the weaker we become to satan’s attacks. We often talk about “battling sin” but the battle has been won by Jesus and Jesus has disarmed the enemy.

Lord Jesus, defend me in your Holy Spirit, give me the truth to shut out all lies of satan and give me the determination to leave the thoughts leading to sin immediately. Do not let me ponder and drag temptation or sinful thoughts with me into my head, but may such things be stopped immediately with your Word and with swiftness in my action to flee. Protect me Lord and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.


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