At His feet

14 April 2014

I get stressed when i start losing control. Whether it is control over how i want to spend my time, control over money, control even in relationships. It’s terrifying how much of my feelings are linked with whether i can change, manage, contain or control a situation. And when i cannot, i start losing control over my emotions and feelings – putting me in a worse position!

There is really no other way i know how but to give the outcome of whatever i cannot change, manage, contain or control to God. After all, it is beyond anything i can do and impossible for me to salvage. But i hope and pray that nothing is beyond God and nothing is impossible for Him.

In that, i take comfort, perhaps my emotions and feelings need to play catch up, but i readily lay my heart and thoughts at His feet and say:

Lord God, when i don’t know how anymore,  when i have done all i can, tried my very best, but yet cannot find peace, i lay it all at your feet. Help me Lord with your Holy Spirit, to lift me up and bring me to new heights above the clouds.


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