Working from approval

6 April 2014

Sometimes it is really comforting  to acknowledge that we are God’s beloved children. Through my Christian life, I go through ups and downs and can sometimes be very hard on myself. At times I question if I am doing enough for God and worry that He is not pleased with me because I may not be living up to His required standard or may be too slow or too far from where he expects me to be in terms of my faith.

I can see this in earthly relationships between children and their parents too. Children may sometimes feel like they are not living up to their parents’ expectations and strive hard to win the approval of their parents. It is common in Asian cultures and I wonder if that plays into our relationship with God as well? When I think about the missionaries who gave their life to preach and spread the gospel, I feel so small, selfish and even start to question if I am a true believer.

But when I think back into who I am before God, I realise I am also told that I am a child of God. Being a child of God, I also have the privilege of not needing to strive for approval from God because I know He loves me dearly and knows me. It is not an excuse to not work diligently and faithfully in what I have been told to do, but it is a reason to know I work from approval and not for approval.

Lord, thank you for reminding me of who I am before you and that you approve of me and are pleased with me already. Let my spirit work from this approval and affirmation.Thank you for this privilege of being your son because of Jesus Christ. I love you my Father.



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