Faith and works

5 April 2014

Receiving the grace and mercy and love of God is the first step in our salvation. But the word of God also contains much about how we are to respond and live our lives toward God as a result of our faith. We who have been given much are also expected much from.

I need constant reminding through His word and through reflection, to keep true to Christ. There is a constant opposite pull of the flesh and the temptations from the world often distract or skew my intentions. Living as a Christian necessarily involves the battle between desires of the flesh and desires for God. The battle is between living selfishly and living for others.

Sometimes i try to focus more on doing things for God and other people, but i know that whilst i do this, it doesn’t make up for everything i need to be growing in the likeness of Christ. On one hand, i do it to keep accountable to my conscience and God, yet at the same time, if i am not careful, it becomes a checking and ticking of boxes. It’s a delicate balance between faith and works. My motivation needs to  be checked, my love for God needs to be checked, my humility needs to be checked. At the end of the day, it is not just how i feel about myself, but more importantly, i hope God is pleased as well. I can only hope that through his constant leading, i am moving closer to the likeness of Jesus and being faithful to my calling and election in Christ.

Lord, keep me away from idols and away from falling into temptation to be selfish and worldly. Help me to live more for you and may your Holy Spirit constantly check my heart and encourage me to live better and live fuller for you.


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