Joy in the heart

30 March 2014

There are days when joy fills my heart in the morning because of the goodness of God. This joy is not related to any immediate specific circumstance but is a lightness in the heart from the knowledge that Jesus had forgiven me of my sins and gave me new life.  It’s a joy that comes from knowing my Father is looking down at me with love and adores me and delights in me, even when i know i have let him down before and may even do so in the future. It’s a joy because there is hope in each day, there is love in my life, and there is freedom in Christ.

But days like these do not always come automatically. Sometimes i need to choose to spend the first few minutes of the day in God’s word or in quietness – praying in my heart, thinking about God and just preparing myself spiritually for the day. It’s usually this initial act of inviting God into the first part of my day that gives me a head start into enjoying the day. After all, without joy, how can others be attracted to Christ?

In this joy, i am present before God, i am tuned to His voice, i am alert to my surroundings in a completely different light. Perhaps we can often overlook the power of joy in the Lord. It is written:

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

May joy fill our hearts today. Not the joy that the world gives, which is fleeting and temporary, but the joy of the Lord, which flows from His throne in eternity into our lives on earth. Blessed is this joy.

Thank you Lord for giving me this joy and lightness in the heart which can only come from you. Blessed be your name and your holy presence. May this joy be my strength and power to do your will and be a contagious blessing to others. I love you Lord.


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