What my future holds?

28 March 2014

We pray many times for God’s will to be revealed to us. Many pray and ask if they should move to another country and start a new life, and some of us hope to have the year and future years shown to us so that we can prepare and gear toward that goal which God has shown us. I do all that too.

But rarely does God reveal the destiny of the year ahead, rarely does God inform us ahead of time to prepare for something or to work toward a specific projectile. But we like to worry, we like to be sure, we like to be certain. We are anxious about the days to come and get even more anxious because God doesn’t seem to reveal it to us even when we pray earnestly to Him.

But Jesus said: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Following God’s will is a matter of taking every day and every hour as His will and purpose. Nothing i believe is wasted, for God can redeem anything and everything. No course mistakenly walked cannot be corrected, and for that matter, God also pursues us when we falter and wander off in the wrong direction.  I know that too, and i have experienced it myself.

God is probably more interested in the time i spend being conscious of His presence and enjoying it, than He is in giving me a set of instructions and directions to navigate my life (all i need to know is already in the bible).

It is in His presence when i can put aside my anxious heart about wanting to know what i should do with myself in the future, and let God tell me, “It’s OK, I got your back, i’ve already prepared the way, I’ve already drawn up your life plan before you were born. I was the one who created you for my purpose and i will direct your steps so long as you keep near to me.”

I can only be near to God when i am not thinking and pondering over the future and what it holds because i realize that by straining to see what is ahead, i cannot know the peace of God and assurance of His voice that tells me to be still and that He will establish my footsteps because He is God.

Lord God, I will be still and trust that you are my Father who knows everything before it happens. You are my guide and i need only look at each day as it comes and establish my daily life in your presence. One step at a time, each step sure and steady, nearer and nearer to the destiny you called me into.


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