Wonders of God

27 March 2014

I think it’s so interesting how God made a man and a woman in His image. Two very similar and yet very opposite beings to be a representation of God.

I also think it is interesting how the woman was chosen to be the one to carry the baby in the womb for several months before giving birth – that God chose the woman to have the most intimate connection with the baby, and also how the woman would share part of her health for the sake of the baby in the process. There is a definite and unavoidable sacrifice of the mother in child-bearing and child-birth. And yet all of that begins in love between the father and mother, and increases in love between father, mother and child.  Then throughout childhood and parenthood there is an inseparable cycle and continuation of sacrifice and love. Without sacrifice then, perhaps, there can be no love. Without love, there maybe, can be no sacrifice.

Thinking about the Trinity of God  – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and how all three were in a loving relationship, it then seems only to follow that sacrifice would also eventually become part of the whole equation.  And sacrifice did come, in the form of Jesus, the Lamb of God, for the sake of us. And as a result of that sacrifice, we have become able to love God and come into a loving relationship with him. Love has been increased as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice.

My Lord and God, your mysteries are perplexing but so fascinating. You are intriguing and also so beautiful. You are our God. The one and only true God. Blessed be your name, blessed be your glorious name.


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