What are you listening to?

23 March 2014

In the morning it is common to see people walking to work with their headphones on – and in fact, many of us just listen to music as we walk or drive. There is a certain parallel to this in how we interpret our lives by the spiritual soundtracks that we tune into throughout the day.

There are certain lies out there which we easily buy into. Lies that we are not fit enough, not rich enough, and simply not good enough. There is an enemy that delights in seeing us buy into such lies as he drip feeds them into our lives through all kinds of media.

If we are alert, we would recognize that the discouraging thoughts we feel every now and then are not necessarily caused by our  circumstances, but there is an enemy who puts a negative and discouraging spin on anything he can to make us miserable.

Take the example of watching a scene on tv showing the sun setting in the distance and trees swaying in the breeze while birds fly back home to their nests. How you interpret that picture on tv can be manipulated by the soundtrack and music that is played with the scene. If a calming and restful music is played, we feel peaceful and maybe even a sense of warmth as we see how the day ends with a cool care-free breeze, with birds returning home to their nests for the day – innocent, full of nature and beautiful. But if i were to play a sinister music in the background with eerie sounds – you’d feel like something is lurking behind the corners of the shadows, you’ll feel unsafe and on edge. But the picture we see is actually exactly the same. Producers of films make very good use of soundtracks to create the mood and atmosphere of the movie. But not many of us pay attention to the soundtracks in movies, and not many of us know there is also a soundtrack playing in our normal daily lives.

Satan also plays a music and soundtrack to alter the atmosphere of our reality. I must choose instead to listen only to God’s soundtrack. Listening to God’s soundtrack will look different for each of us – just like how some of us like listening to music as we walk, some like dancing, some whistle, some hum a tune,  etc. We can tune into God’s soundtrack in our daily lives by for example reading the bible, or praying, or reflecting, or paying more attention to nature, go for a walk. But in all that, our goal must be to seek the voice and soundtrack of the Holy Spirit. Because i know, my perspective of reality can quickly change depending on what i am listening to. And i can very easily allow the soundtrack that is playing in the background by the enemy to create an almost different perspective of reality in my life.

Holy Spirit, i pray for your soundtrack to be loud in my life and overcome the soundtrack that the enemy also plays continuously. May the ears of my heart be trained to listen to your voice rather than the voice of the discourager and deceiver. Let my spirit soar above the white noise and gloom that prevents me from living fully – let my spirit soar above and soar closer with you.


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