Witnessing to others

21 March 2014

As a Christian i am witnessing both to God and to others. There is no escape from accounting for my actions and nothing goes unnoticed or is kept in secret.

Much of the time i don’t see what impact my actions or way of living has on other people around me. There are days when i don’t feel like a particularly good witness but i believe we do overall get better at it as times goes on.

Tonight a sister spoke about her experience of leaving her law practice behind to serve in Cambodia. What impacted me was how people are impacted and moved most by other people. We give God the glory and we know God is orchestrating all of it, but God has chosen very uniquely to use people to touch other people. Jesus’ ministry surrounded only a very small area and group of people, but his impact on his disciples motivated them to spread the gospel to many more countries. And as i wrote earlier, Jesus didn’t write the New Testament, but chose his disciples to write it.

God chose human authors for His Word, and he also chose us to demonstrate his truth and love. The power of being a living witness of a person saved by grace is an extension of all the testimonies and records we read in the bible. The Word of God is unchanging and eternal, but the testimonies of God are unceasing and never-ending. We are part of that continuous story when we witness to others in our daily living.

Lord Jesus, it is my privilege to be counted worthy as a son of God and to be a living testimony to others and to you. May i be reminded daily in my walk that my life is an opportunity to write testimonies of your greatness. I pray that You can strengthen and encourage me to waste no opportunity to write you a love letter through my witnessing. But when i do fail from time to time, forgive me, and don’t give up on me. Help me to stand up again and to stand firmer as a witness of Your grace, love and power.



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