When all seems wrong

19 March 2014

In my previous devotional i wrote about how God could use our difficulties and struggles for achieving a greater purpose. There will be times when we see the fruits of perseverance but there will also be times when we do not see (at least from our view point) the purpose or reason for our situation.

Having God in our lives doesn’t magically make everything work out. But it does help us to avoid pain and suffering which may have otherwise happened as a direct result of our own actions. But in the grand scheme of God’s will, i dare not assume my life will be rosy just because i have faith in Jesus and live a right life.

At least on this side of life, i may not comprehend all that happens, good or bad, but Jesus did not say or promise us a good life. In fact, he asked us to take up our cross daily. He also said foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no where to lay his head – indicating to us that as his disciples, we may face a similar situation. He also told the rich young man to sell all he had and give it to the poor and then follow him.

Yet at the same time, Jesus also told us not to be anxious about life and that God will provide for us just as he does for nature and that he knows what we need. Even the number of hairs on our heads are known to him.

Perhaps part of the Christian life is simply living with the faith in the midst of trials and believing that God is not aloof or cruel, but is near and dear even when he seems the most distant because of our circumstances. He is. And one day, we will either know why or we will be comforted and restored by the Almighty God.

Lord God, i pray for strength in the journey of life. When i meet trials and misfortune, i pray that you strengthen my spirit to hang on close to you no matter what. When all seems wrong or doesn’t make sense, and when i cannot understand, at least guide me in your Holy Spirit to find peace in knowing you are near and you do care. Comfort me, redeem, restore and establish me in your great love.


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