Opportunities in the midst of difficulties

18 March 2014

There will be times in our lives when we feel stuck in a bad situation. Whether it’s being stuck in a bad relationship, or stuck being single, stuck at a bad job or a bad place, no one likes being in a difficult situation.

Someone  once said that whenever we find ourselves in a potentially bad situation, we can either resolve to treat it negatively or resolve to make it an opportunity for something positive. Like the examples above, we can resolve to end a bad relationship to give ourselves the opportunity to find a better one. If we’re single, we have the opportunity of time and flexibility to take up new activities, serve or take up new classes. Or sometimes, it’s just a matter of keeping up the hope that God will open a door for us to fulfill our destiny in the unique way he has planned for us.

Take the story of Joseph in the Old Testament starting in Genesis 37. Joseph is betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave. He wins favour as a slave from his master but is later innocently accused by the master’s wife and thrown into jail. Later Joseph is summoned by the Pharaoh to interpret his dreams and slowly rises up the ranks and eventually saves his family and many others from famine.

There were instances and long spells in Joseph’s life where he found himself in a very bad situation – in fact he was almost always “punished” for doing the right things. But God  not only preserved Joseph’s life in the times he was a slave and a prisoner, but also used these tragic events as an opportunity to fulfill Joseph’s greater destiny.

Sometimes, the destiny that God has set for us can only be achieved through trials and events where we feel mis-placed or stuck. We may even feel like we have suffered even more despite trying to do what was right and living a righteous life before God. But like the way God freed Joseph from slavery and prison, God also frees us eventually from any difficult situation. In the meantime though, we need to continue to be faithful in our actions and trust that God will turn our misfortune into an opportunity for greater things. Nothing is impossible for God.

Lord Jesus, even in the midst of struggles and feeling stuck, i will remember the faithful testimony of your love and grace in the life of Joseph. I trust you to make use of whatever situation i am in now for a greater good and i pray that i will remain faithful and discerning to your leading. Comfort me Lord in my distress and grant me favour as you did with Joseph.


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