Thoughts and desires that defile

8 March 2014

When Jesus taught about what defiles a person, in Mark 7:14-23, he pointed out a very important truth. He said, it is not the external things that go into a person that makes a person commit sin. Rather it is the inner thoughts that actually make a person evil.

Most of the time, we would only really see the outer appearance of a person because we cannot read or know the thoughts of a person. We can guess and discern from signs we get, but ultimately we are not mind-readers, and people can put on a disguise without us knowing. Similarly, we ourselves can put on disguises at different levels, which do not actually reflect or show our inner thoughts.  Although we do this sometimes to protect ourselves or to be prudent, there are also times when we harbor sinful thoughts. Whether it is pride, lust, greed, envy or covetousness, we are all not immune from having such thoughts.

I can hardly get a through a day without having those thoughts come into my mind, in fact, i do not even recall a day when i did not have any such thoughts come into mind. It does not matter what external appearance i have toward others – none of the external qualifications count or anything in the secret heart which is where the Spirit of God weighs me.

If this is the case, then we all really need the constant renewal and cleansing of our minds from sinful thoughts and desires. We may not be able to stop ourselves from having them, but we can certainly turn back and give them to Jesus, who is the defender and perfecter of our faith.

Lord Jesus, I come to you and turn away from all evil thoughts and desires i have harbored in my heart today. I disown such evil thoughts and desires and offer to you my heart and mind to be cleansed and renewed by your truth. Cleanse me, and I shall be whiter than snow, teach me to rid myself of thoughts and desires that defile me.



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