Removing a critical spirit

6 March 2014

I catch myself sometimes having a critical spirit. I can be critical inwardly about people around me or about circumstances. But when I grow this critical spirit or allow it room in my heart I am slowly giving a foothold for the devil to create dissection, hatred and disharmony in my life. It isn’t a healthy habit to have but it is an easy one to develop. Whether we speak out critically or just harbor critical thoughts, we shrink our hearts. I can literally feel my heart shrink when I harbor critical feelings or thoughts toward other people. I stop loving them and start to only see their flaws. I focus in on the things that make me dislike them even more rather than the things that make them good people. Of course there are some situations where it is important to be discerning about someone. But more often than not I am not being discerning but am simply critical. It may not seem like a big deal at the time but this quickly grows into a root if bitterness which suffocates all love and promotes ill feelings toward one another.

So I must snub off the critical spirit in me once I see or sense it’s head rearing. I need God to keep me alert to this and to forgive me for harboring unwarranted ill feelings against others.

Lord Jesus, create in me a clean heart and extinguish the critical spirit within me. Help me to replace any ill feelings with patience, understanding and kindness. May I be reminded that I am to be patient and kind. I am not to envy, i shall not boast, i must not be arrogant or rude. I need not insist in my own way, I should not be irritable or resentful. Grow love in me Lord Jesus.


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