Praise and worship

4 March 2014

Today I just want to devote a time to be grateful to The Lord for all the blessings I have been given. There are some days when I just wake up and get going along with the week, it’s just another morning, just another day, new troubles, new worries, new fires to fight. It is exhausting sometimes living in the world we do. Despite the material comforts we have and knowing that there are in fact so many people far worse off than us, it doesn’t do much in the way of making us feel any better about the pain of everyday work and living. It’s so hard and next to impossible to find time to be grateful to God in the busyness of life. So today as I choose to slow down the pace a little and rest in an hour of quietness, I want to devote time to regain a worshipful heart of praise and thanksgiving.

Because in the midst of our busy runs into the office or work day in and day out, our meeting up with friends and family, our tightly packed schedules or even the mundane and routine of everyday life, God works extra hard to get through His voice to us to lead us and to encourage us. I seldom get the time to just sit and thank my Father for being who He is and loving me the way he does.

So today, as I enjoy my health, my friends, my family, my time and the joys of being alive, i am going to spend time reflecting and praising God for His great works. I am not going to ask Him for anything, but I am just going to spend time telling my Father how much I am grateful for His love.

Father Lord, thank you for Your amazing grace. I do not know why I am blessed the way I am, I do not know why I have this privilege to get to know You and to praise You. But I am grateful, I am awestruck, I am humbled, I am at Your knees because I do not know how else to worship and thank you but to give my entire being in song and spirit to You. To say I love you. To say I am Yours and say how great it is that You are mine too! Thank you that you never forsake me and that nothing can separate me from Your love.


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