Meaning and purpose

5 March 2014

I wonder if humans are the only beings that wonder about their purpose and meaning in life. Without a purpose or meaning, the days of our lives have an emptiness to them which can be quite unbearably suffocating.

I suppose purpose and meaning can be found in work, sports, family, or friends. But none of these are ever constant or certain. Jobs change and the work environment can be volatile, sports is great fun but cannot be sustained over long periods of time or be experienced at all times. Family and friends play a big part in life but people come and go too.

Without a constant, certain, omnipresent, eternal and good God, life itself is but a fickle flame. Here today and gone tomorrow. The writer of Ecclesiastes called it vanity and meaningless.

God is my trusted friend, lifelong companion, unchanging and constant purpose and meaning. In Him my days are never without meaning or purpose. Every thought i have I try to make it captive to Christ in purity and love. Every thing I say I recount and test it against the truth and life in Christ. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I know I am not hidden from Jesus who sees me. I can please Him in my being and I can also dishonor Him in my being. There is delight and there is purpose in just knowing that my Father is pleased with me. There is meaning because I am learning new things about God and my eternal home everyday – as long as I am attentive, God is trying to teach me and show me news things about Himself and heaven.

There is simply no other thing, place, person or act that can complete me. But at the same time, like work, sports, family and friends, it takes effort and discipline to produce fruits, it takes quality time spent in prayer and reflection to connect with God and His heart.

Thank you Lord for giving me life to live for You. I pray that I can and will always bring You into the center of my meaning and purpose in life. Be my all in all Lord. I love you.


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