Overflowing with thankfulness

12 February 2014

The story of how a woman came with her alabaster flask of very expensive perfume and poured it over Jesus’ head to bless Him never fails to amaze me.

There were a few people in Jesus’ time who impressed Jesus – one of them was the centurion of great faith, another was the Canaanite woman, and in this case, it was the woman who broke her treasure of perfume over Jesus.

In both the accounts of the centurion and the Canaanite woman, Jesus marveled at their great faith as they sought healing from Jesus. But the woman with her alabaster flask was coming to Jesus for a very different reason – it was just to bless Him back and show her overflowing gratefulness for what He had done for her. In no where else in the bible did i find an account like this of how someone thanked Jesus for healing them or saving them. It seemed they had all gone away to mind their own business.

But this lady came back to thank Jesus. With everything she had, because we are told that it was very expensive perfume and that the disciples who saw it even scolded the woman for wasting it all in one go over Jesus. They scolded her because they said it could have been sold for a large sum of money and given to the poor. Although that logic is not easily refutable, it seems to me that the disciples were more offended at the woman’s act because they didn’t know what to make out of it and it was so thoroughly provoking and unheard of. People are not comfortable when they cannot make sense of something, and my guess is that labeling it as a foolish waste made them feel better about not knowing how to make sense of what was going on.

Jesus told the people scolding the woman to be quiet and said “This is a beautiful thing that she has done”.

If i think about it, i would be just as astonished if i witnessed it myself. It just defies all logic and practical sense. But so does what Jesus was did and went through for us. Perhaps, this woman, of all people, was the closest human during the earthly lifetime of Jesus to fully understand and appreciate the love and depth of Jesus.

Lord, i really admire what this woman did for you that night and i give her honor for showing us such a provoking response to Your love, mercy and grace. Such is the lavishness of Your great love for us, and such is how indeed You should be treated. Forgive me for withholding from You the praise, honor and glory that is Yours. Help me to learn to have a heart that is lavishly given to You, unreservedly and completely.


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