Just a carpenter

7 February 2014

Why did Jesus come as a carpenter? Of all things, God came to us in flesh through a humble birth, surrounded by danger, born in a manger and trained as a carpenter.

The devil implied the same questions when he tempted Jesus with all the kingdoms in the world – “just bow down and worship me” the devil said, and i will give you all the kingdoms of the world. The devil seemed to have a point – why didn’t Jesus come as a king? He was afterall God! As king, he could change many more lives, he may have even been able to rule many if not all nations with justice and peace. We would have ended all wars and knowledge of God would have permeated so much more quickly – even without the cost of the lives of His disciples!

So why did Jesus choose the hard way? The way of “nothing” – the way of sacrifice? One could legitimately ask why, if God really came as Jesus, did He not make himself ruler of the world – and if Jesus really had to die for our sins, he could have done it after many more had knowledge and understanding about what He was about to do.

Instead, when Jesus was taken away to be killed, even His disciples were not ready and fled the scene. Many who hailed his entry when he passed through the city gates may have even sneered at him – saying “why don’t you save yourself!” – no one understood what Jesus was about to do. It would take so many years and sacrifice before other people understood the significance of what Jesus did.

I don’t have any particular answer but there are many answers given by others to the questions above.  The kingdom of God was to be lived out by anyone who had faith in Christ. It was a life to be lived out not through complete understanding of everything about God’s ways, but more by living dependently on God, and with understanding slowly but surely flowing into our lives. What i offer is that this was a deliberate choice of Jesus to unfold the mystery and love of God. It takes a step (maybe even a leap) of faith, but so do many other things in life that we care less about.


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