Our unique gifts

30 January 2014

I believe that we have all been given specific talents unique to us. We are all created uniquely and also told in the Word that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  That’s enough for me to say with confidence that i have a unique character and gifting which was given to me by God.

Sometimes these may be passions and skills, sometimes it may be a quality of our character such as leadership or teaching or encouragement. I believe God gave me and all of us unique gifts and in varying shades and degrees to build up the body of Christ and His kingdom. We are told in scripture that together we make up the body of Christ whilst we each represent a different part of the body.

I am warned however that we also have an enemy who’s mission is to come, steal and destroy. That means “stealing” away  our unique gifting so that we are no longer effective. This “stealing” could come in various forms such as whispering discouraging statements to make us feel inadequate, or the reverse by making us feel complacent about our skill so that we do not take the time to sharpen our “tools” and hone them further to become more effective.  Another way would be to re-direct our special gifting for selfish or wrong purposes. I am after all not only called to “enjoy” the gifts but am expected to use it to benefit of other people.

We have a responsibility to protect our gifts and skills that have been given to us by God and to some, that may simply mean loving ourselves more and appreciating how we are different from others and intentionally so, in order that we make a beautiful harmony. To others, it may mean stepping up and putting to use our specific talents instead of hiding them away or under utilizing them.

So whatever gifts we have been given, i know they are firstly something to be proud of and they are not to be compared with others as God has apportioned them according to His good and perfect will. Just think about how we have five fingers that all kind of serve the same function and look similar. Some are shorter and some are used more often, but we really function perfectly when we can use all of them. My little finger is not inferior to the rest just because it is the smallest and shortest and weakest in strength – but at times that can be exactly how i feel when i am comparing myself to others. Actually our little finger is very important to help us form a firmer and tighter grip on objects. Secondly,  I also know there is an enemy who will do anything to blunt and take away the gifts we have been given if we are not careful in defending and honing them.  Lastly, i am made to enjoy using the gifts and in fact the gifts are all specially created to be enjoyed in their highest form when i use them for His glory. I chose to use the phrase “for His glory” instead of “for His Kingdom”, because even though they actually mean the same thing, i want to remind myself that as long as i dutifully exercise my gifts while acknowledging that i do so with Him in mind, it does not matter whether i see immediate “Kingdom” results, but rather, right there and then, i know that He is already delighted, and it is up to Him to direct it to bring about His Kingdom.

Father, thank you that every good and perfect gift is from you. I thank you for the way you have uniquely crafted me and formed me so fearfully and wonderfully. I ask that your Holy Spirit remind me daily how i am to use my gifts to bring You glory and how i am to enjoy and delight in doing so because it is also in Your good and perfect will.


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