God prunes

24 January 2014

It’s easy for me to miss out on how God is constantly by my side and helping my every step.  It’s easy for me to feel i’m sometimes alone on a hard road and God has somehow dropped the ball on certain days. But when i close my eyes for a moment of silence with God, i hear His voice reply ever so calmly and tenderly:

“Was I not with you when you had to go through it? Did you not see how i was actually guiding you through it all and how i am still leading you and making ways for you?”

And it is as if suddenly my spiritual eyes are opened, and i see not with my earthly eyes – but rather see how God is reassuring me that He is alway present. Although i know i am not immune from difficulties, i don’t welcome them, but at the same time i know God has a special plan for walking me through difficulties and challenges.  Was not Jesus also put through testing and trials before His ministry? My challenges pale in comparison, but they are necessary so that i am not immature and continue to grow.  I take comfort in thinking that i am told “and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit” John 15:2.

When i researched the meaning of pruning in every day language – this sentence stuck out for me: “In general, the smaller the branch that is cut, the easier it is for a woody plant to compartmentalize the wound and thus limit the potential for pathogen intrusion and decay. It is therefore preferable to make any necessary formative structural pruning cuts to young plants, when possible, rather than removing large, poorly placed branches from mature plants.

Father, I will rejoice in whatever my circumstances and trust in you to continue to prune me even if the process is not always pleasant. Keep reminding me Lord that i am in Your strong hands as i take delight in the thought of being made mature to bear more fruit for You. I love you Lord.


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