God and money

18 January 2014

One of my favourite teachings and words from Jesus was about the laying up of treasures in heaven and not being anxious about life. In this short but powerful teaching, Jesus summed up everything so beautifully and completely.

The verse is so simple and assuring and yet so challenging. In my life I swayed to and fro between storing up too much for myself and being generous in my giving. The two are never far from one another. It isn’t something I can master or something I can do whenever I feel like it. I realised without a definite plan and direction on how I use the money God has given me, I can never really trust myself to be doing the right thing.

Today I committed myself to a more defined action plan of how I would try to live out Matthew 6:19-34. I committed it to The Lord in prayer and asked for Him to direct my thoughts as I determined what I should be doing and how to allocate the money. I felt it was important to receive His will and then execute it according to what I believe I heard, otherwise I would end up relying on my feelings and circumstances every time and it didn’t seem like the best thing to do.

It may not be perfect but I believe Jesus calls us to walk and strive toward living this out one step at a time. As I practice this in my life I know He will reveal and walk more closely in directing it and aligning it with His will more and more. I’m less concerned with getting it perfect the first time, and more concerned with taking a step first and relying on Him to do the steering.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your words in Matthew 6:19-34. I can now walk in the assurance and protection of your Word so that I am free to do your good and perfect will. Steer me so that I serve You and not money. Steer me as I place You master over my possessions and money.



One thought on “God and money”

  1. Ian
    I was jusy thinking about money and how to live the std i want to live during retirement….you were speaking to ne again…
    Now I will ask God first…
    All blessings

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