My ultimate fan

17 January 2014

I do a lot of things with an audience in mind. Be it my friends, colleagues or even family. There’s always someone watching and so I’m constantly aware and conscious in how people see me. I suppose it’s not always a bad thing but Jesus said that our Father who sees in secret will reward in secret. We know that those who give in secret, pray in secret, fast in secret, will all receive their blessing but not those who are more interested in their outward appearance to others.

God is more interested in being my audience and motivation. And His approval not others should be what I seek. Worshipping God is simply letting Him be our ultimate audience. Not to say I need not care what others think – as I am also told to be a good example, but I must take more delight in the fact that God is pleased over how well I end up looking outwardly. Perhaps this is worship – to worship in spirit and in truth is to derive joy and motivation from knowing that God, our Father, who knows the heart and thoughts of man, takes delight when I do things because I know He is my ultimate fan and encourager.

Father thank you for being my greatest and strongest encourager, cheerleader and fan. Let me seek always to please you in all I do and take delight in knowing you see everything done!


2 thoughts on “My ultimate fan”

    1. Thank you Auntie Jennifer!! I am so pleased and encouraged you could hear God speaking directly into your situations through the devotionals! Praise Him and all glory and joy to the Lord! May your days be filled with intimacy and desire for our Holy Father!!

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