12 January 2014

There are times when we read or listen to a book or sermon that captivates us or engages us completely. We like to listen to new perspectives, new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.

And so it happens that sometimes we hear something or read something that we had heard before – and it no longer appeals to us as much as the first time we heard it.  We sub-consciously yearn constantly for something fresh and original.

Today, I was in church listening to a sermon and there were parts which i switched off and didn’t pay attention to because i knew where my pastor was going with it. It was at that point when i had a thought that God wanted me to listen openly with fresh ears. I wondered whether the responsibility of bringing new meaning partly rested with me and my attitude. If i intentionally made an effort to listen and reflect again on something i may have heard before, perhaps i would learn something new. Perhaps, God had something new to say to me, in the same words. Perhaps, that’s why we read that “the Word  of God is alive and active” Hebrews 4:12.

I also realized that this could easily apply to our attitudes toward relationships and experiences. An example would be the initial thrill of riding on a roller-coaster for the first time vs. the tenth time riding the same thing.  Falling in love for the first time vs. a long term relationship. The same happens with our faith as well – I remember the excitement and zeal when i just became a Christian. As time went on, the zeal and passion became harder to maintain.

I think the point is, I believe we can and should ask and seek for God to continually renew our spirit and attitude of the heart. To keep alive a passionate and grateful heart in all we see, think, feel and act.

Lord I pray for a heart of gratitude to renew all experiences and ask for fresh ears to hear and new eyes to see the message that you have for me everyday. Renew my spirit and attitudes of the heart. Keep alive in me everyday, a passionate and grateful heart in all I see, think, feel and act.


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