God time

11 January 2014

Today, I had a space of time with nothing planned. My wife was out to see friends for a few hours and thoughts about what i could do with the spare time flashed through my head. I could go to the gym, run some errands, do some of this and that which i have been wanting to do but didn’t find the time to. Suddenly, there was so much to do.  The decision became, which one to do first and how to prioritize my time. One of the items was to write this devotional and spend some time alone with God. I thought maybe i could clear some of the other items first before spending time with God, but then i decided to reverse the order and spend time with God first. In the end, i had a really enjoyable time just singing, reading, praying and writing. My spirit felt cleansed, my thoughts seemed light, my heart was aligned with God. I enjoyed just letting the sunshine flow onto my face and feel the warmth of the sun. I enjoyed looking out into sky and soak in the majesty of creation. God was saying to me, slow down, take your time to be with me, i will refresh your spirit and align yourself to me.

Sometimes, we need to offer the best to God, and that means offering the best time to Him too. God time was not a pocket of time left after i had completed the rest of the “to-dos”. I confess the past year has been mostly putting God time into post-“to-dos”. I thank God for directing me today to just spend the best time with Him.

Lord, help me to prioritize my life around you, let me refocus myself everyday and tune myself with you again.


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