God of creation

8 January 2014

The bible starts with the creation of the world and ends with the creation of a new heaven and a new earth. I realise how much God loves creating new things. Creation itself, in all the wonders and varieties in the world is beautiful and boundless – we keep hearing of discoveries of new species of creation even today. Living beings are constantly in a motion of pro-creating – it never ceases and is always fascinating, always unique. Just think how there never was and never will be a person exactly like you!

I was once asked to do something creative – to which I quickly quipped “i’m not very creative and rather boring”. I was amused at the reply I got – “No you’re not, God is creative, and you are made in the image of God, so you also are creative”.

That explains why we celebrate creative arts and think highly of creative people. It inspires us, it gives a surge of life and passion. But often, the mistake is to think that it is limited only to “those people”.  It’s not uncommon to hear of people leaving their jobs to finally start their passion, it’s common to hear of people sick of living a routined life and wanting to break free. It’s because we were made to be creative or at least to chase after this element. So why aren’t we all creative or at least striving to be so? I think creativity takes risk, just as God took a risk when He created us with free will. Secondly, we are also told that we have an enemy who’s aim is to steal and destroy.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10.

The enemy has been doing this from the very start, he’s been trying to make us forget how amazing and free the power of creation is in our lives. Nicky Gumble once said in his sermon, the enemy will tell us how being a Christian will be boring, how it means we cannot do drugs, cannot be promiscuous, must always go to church and read the bible and pray etc. The enemy hits on a right note – he knows we hate and crave excitement in our lives – so the enemy paints a picture of how boring or restrictive being a Christian is (he limits creativity) or another tactic is to lure us into believing other lies like how being thin or having a lot of money is very important (at the expense of forgetting how other virtues like charm, intelligence, kindness, generosity, patience, gentleness and all these other variety of characters are central to who we are as a creative being). So we end up having pretty and rich people with no character or inner beauty. You see, a part of their creation had been stolen and destroyed. The truth is, the enemy is the one who is not creative at all – the sins that easily entrap us are not new. I realise that living a life intentional on being creative – whether in our routine, our activities, our plans, our food, our conversations, our skills and most importantly, our thoughts, has more importance than we sometimes place.  Because this is who God is and this is also how we stamp out the enemy’s attack. We are made in the image of the creative, boundless, limitless and glorious God – Jesus came to give us life to the full so we have a mandate to be creative.

Lord, we praise your creativity and thank you for creating us also to be creative. I pray for your creative spirit to be with me in thought and action, let the days of my life be filled with this creative spirit to live life to the full as how you meant it.


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