The Lord is just and merciful

7 January 2014

When we think of King David, we think both of his devotion to God and of his sins. We can recall David’s sins for taking the census of his men and of course, the murder and adultery he committed. Today, we also have many church leaders falling into various sins. Some of these leaders, like David, have had their sins exposed and been put to shame. When I look at David’s story and those of other Christian leaders found in sin, I see God’s justice and His mercy. If God did not expose David’s sin, I wonder if David would have confessed his sin. Unlike the times when David sinned by taking a census and quickly realised his foolishness and turned to the Lord for forgiveness, David did not confess his sin of murder and adultery willingly. It took sometime and David seemed intent to keep it a secret sin. God had to send the prophet Nathan to bring David to confession. Although the Lord’s punishment was very harsh against David, it was also just. At the same time, it was also merciful as David’s sin was forgiven and he was given a right standing with God in the end before it was too late. Just as other ministers today have been exposed, they have also been given a chance to repent in their ways and redeem their right standing with God. If we accept that David – a man after God’s own heart, could commit such grievous sins, then we should also be merciful to leaders and ministers who have also fallen but are repentant. It is our responsibility also to be merciful and encourage them – often we are too judgmental and unforgiving (I know I am).  Today, if you are caught in sin, know that God is both just and merciful. Your awareness of your sin is God’s mercy to you. God is a god of second chances, receive forgiveness, move on and put away the past – you may just be the next David. Today, if you know of ministers and leaders caught in sin but have repented, do not write them off, but pray for them and if you have the opportunity, build them up – they may just be the next David.

Lord, help us to fully receive your grace and in doing so, let us also respond fully to your grace.


One thought on “The Lord is just and merciful”

  1. I really agree with you. So often we hold leaders on a benchmark that doesn’t allow for grace and mercy. I remember when Todd Bentley’s sins were revealed, most people pointed fingers and undermined his ministry. It really touched me when I saw another leader taking him under his wing to help him in his restoration process. If king David were a leader today, no church would invite him to minister yet God called him a man after His own heart. Really makes us think huh?

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