Is Living a Christian Culture Enough?

Many have said that living “counter-culturally” is part of a Christian’s lifestyle. I agree. Most of us would say this means doing more Christian things. But I feel living a “Christian culture” is not the fool-proof way in faith.

From my observation, some of us may start going to bible study classes, join some form of community service or be attached to a care group or house church. We start listening to Christian songs, speak the Christian lingo and hang out with Christian friends. Then maybe once in a while there is a big Christian conference event or worship concert. We may have deep issues that require healing and may take some time to experience inner healing through the help of other leaders. Some may travel for short term mission trips. Then eventually we may take up some form of leadership role or have our own long term ministry.

Don’t get me wrong. This is all great and also essential to growing as a believer and contributing to the kingdom of God. But I am challenged today that somewhere along the road, all this activity can become a stumbling block in our faith. I say this because I realise all this activity also has the tendency to make us feel good about ourselves and give us a “spiritual high” or may even feel like a checklist to maintain. I wonder if there is a danger that all this activity could, if we are not alert, end up masking the purpose of our faith.

I am reminded that being in an authentic relationship with God and increasing our love for Him and others is the most important goal in our lives. Sometimes, we just need to stop “doing” and just be still. Jesus often went to a place of solitude to pray and just be with the Father, even after a full day’s activity, as if what he was doing wasn’t enough to bring him close with God. The truth is, works did not equal closeness with God. Jesus had to consistently and intentionally separate himself from works and just be with the Father.

And so do we. What we do is not nearly as important as why we do them. Let us return to hear the Father’s voice. Let us make prayer not another activity to tick off the list, but let prayer be a two way dialogue between us and God.

God, we desire to be near your heart and draw closer to you each day. Take us deeper into you.


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